The GREEN PARTY stands for our
planet and social justice for all -
always has and always will!


will deliver a Fair Society with Social Justice for all, by


  • Implementing a Green New Deal which will deliver thousands of new jobs in the UK, whilst reducing our carbon emissions.

  • Investing in all Young People, with Free university education available for all, The vote from 16 years of age, Same minimum wage for all from 18 years of age.

  • Returning our NHS to 100% publicly owned, with Free prescriptions for all, Free dental care for all.

  • Cancelling HS2 and investing that money in new affordable, fast, reliable local transport systems across the country.

  • Building affordable, zero-carbon housing, whilst protecting our Green Belt.

  • Abolishing fracking and public subsidies for fossil fuels, whilst investing in renewable energy.

  • Adopting a more democratic election system, with proportional representation, where every vote counts!


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